Flexible Partials

You and your patients will prefer Valplast® and tcs® flexible partials by Reliable. Each thermoplastic appliance is indicated for use as a removable full or partial denture in place of traditional acrylic.

  • Incredible strength, durability and biocompatibility
  • Available in Valplast and tcs materials
  • Provides lifelike esthetics and flawlessly blends with the patient’s natural tissue
  • Thermoplastic injection provides ideal adaptation to both hard and soft tissues

Reliable Dentures

Reliable Dentures traditionally manufactured are premium appliances that are handcrafted and hand-characterized by Reliable’ long tenured technicians. Ideal for cases that require the high esthetics or in challenging occlusal issues, these appliances are completely customizable, with practitioners able to choose from a variety of tissue shades and denture teeth.

Reliable Dentures offer patients beautiful denture teeth that can be customized to their gender, age and natural tissue contours.

  • Choose from three full denture options to provide your edentulous patients the solution that best meets their clinical, esthetic and financial needs
  • Suited for expert clinicians and new doctors alike, with both heavily customizable and technique-free dentures available
  • Digital workflows simplify reordering

SDM Dentures

SDM Dentures, a CADCAM process for final dentures fabrication, is the solution to eliminating long and difficult denture appointments. In just 3 short appointments a precise fitting and economical denture will be completed. At Reliable Dental we have invested in digital workflows necessary for automated design and manufacture. As a result, dentists and patients will undergo a quick and comfortable process towards the final denture.

  • Prefabricated Custom Impression Trays (includes bite block)
  • Prefabricated Digital Bite Tray
  • CADCAM processing for try-in and final denture.
  • Digital workflows for easy replacement

Schedule A Pickup

To schedule an in-office case pickup or to provide you with Rxs, airbills and boxes, call us at 1-888-575-3906.

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